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Weak Masters Chess Tournament

Big Money Tourney on Oct 6th in Brooklyn

King of Queens Big Money Chess Tournament for U2400

On October 6th, the King of Queens organization, along with ancient Light Studio and Chess for Children will be bringing a big money tournament to Brooklyn, New York. The tournament, dubbed the “Weak Masters Tournament” will start at 7.00 p.m. The prizes will be based on 40 people entering the tournament. First Prize will be $750, and U2300, U2200, U2100, all would be $600 for the best in each section. The Prizes will be raised or lowered in proportion to the amount of entries received. There will be 5 rounds all with a time limit of 25/5. The Entry fee will be $150 online and $160 at the tournament.

The tournament will be held at the Ancient Light Studio located at 521 Halsey Street in Brooklyn, New York. To sign up visit here and if you have any more questions call Tyrell at (347) 538- 4892



Weak Masters Chess Tournament
Weak Masters  Tournament