2 Queen Checkmate

2 Queen Checkmate - Part 1 - Checkmates you need to know now!

 Hello Chess for Children kids! Today’s lesson is checkmates you need to know . The first of a five part series on beginning checkmates. Today we explore the super – easy 2 Queen Checkmate.

Checkmate with the 2 Queen is very simple but it teaches us some important lessons that we can apply to other checkmating positions.

We learn to be careful and to avoid stalemate when we are up in material. This checkmate also teaches us that we must first cut off the King’s escape and cut down the possibilities that he has. Only when this is achieved do we then deliver mate.

Mr C. points out that memory in chess is not the best way to learn because memory always lets us down. We should seek first to understand for that is the true path to knowledge.

The other checkmates that this series will go over are the:

  1. Protection Checkmate : Checkmate with a Queen and a Rook
  2. The Ladder or Hook and Swing Checkmate – Mate with 2 Rooks
  3. The Sandwich Checkmate – Mate with the Queen and King  and the
  4. Square Checkmate – Checkmate with the King and Rook.

Future Lessons on checkmates will include the 2 Bishop and the Bishop and Knight Checkmates.

There will also be a future lessons on most of the most common checkmating patterns and some uncommon ones too.

If you would like to practice the 2 Queen checkmate against a computer you might consider joining up with an Adventurer or higher membership. We hope that sounds great and if it does you can sign up on this page.

If you would like to know more about checkmates this is a great page.

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