Attack the Uncastled King

This is the second installment in our series of “How to attack the King.”

Attack the King-Part 2

Attack the King: Intro

  In our last article we dealt with the a King Hunt. King Hunts  happen for various reasons whether the King has castled or not. The point of a King Hunt is to lure the King away from his home. ( If you want the read the previous article click here)

The is another case, suppose the player has been lackadaisical in seeking safety for his King? What can we do? What should our approach be? 

Well, you luck reader, that is why I am here!

Attack the King that is Uncastled

The starting position in chess has 2 initial weak spots. One is the square f2/f7 and the other is the open e-file. This article is going to deal with specifically the attack along the open e-file, in the next article we will deal with attack on the f2/f7 squares.

Attack Along the e-file

So how do we decide to attack along the e-file? There are certain preconditions that  must be present for an attack on the e-file to be successful. The conditions that should be met are:

  1. The opponents King should be on the file
  2. It should be hard for the King to move away from the file
  3. The e-file should be opened or could easily be opened
  4. The attacker should be able to put a Rook or Queen along that file.
  5. The attacker should be able to increase the attack along that file or important squares



A great book
The Art of Attack in Chess by Milan Vukovic! Recommended as a Super book!
Attacking the King!

Examples of Successful E-File Attacks

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