How To Behave at the Chess-board

How to Behave at the Chess-board

 Hi Chess for Children Kids, this is Mr. C and I am excited to tell you about my new book ” How to Behave at the Chess-board”.

This story is based on an actual chess game played by my student, Jonathan at the National Elementary Chess Championships. In the game he set a lesson for how we are all supposed to  behave at the chess-board.

I have also included a little video on about half of the book to see if you enjoy it! So take a look and don’t forget to comment regardless if you like it or not.

Here is a little part of the book to help you decide if you would like to watch the video.   

Part 1: How to Behave  at the Chess -board

It was the best chess tournament for kids. Each year it’s organized. All the best were sent and  went so they could win first prize.

The Super Nationals was the name of  this great contest. The winning school could win great fame if proved they were the best.

The tournament had 7 games that all the players played. To win them all was the aim that’s why the players stayed.    

You got 1 point when you won. For a loss you got zip. If the game was done and no one won then one point was split. 

The player with the highest score after the seventh game,would get the title and what’s more the scholarship and the fame.

Part 2

Jonathan was my student’s name that I was there to coach. He had a little chessic fame if I’m allowed to boast.

When we worked on our chess sessions, on chess moves that were precise. He worked hard on every lesson and listened well to this advice:

“When your losing don’t you moan.  Give let your foe no notion. On your face just show them stone show them no emotion”

Sometimes the road you take is rough.  Calm yourself though  all the strife. Look within when things are tough. Struggle is a part of life.

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How to behave at the chess-board video