Chess for Children Chess Comic

Chess Comic - The Grim Reaper (Ziff-Davis) 1951

 The Chess Comic

Chess for Children brings to you a chess comic from the past. The comic features the story of The Grim Reaper. The story was published in the only issue of Eerie Adventures.

The story tells of a chess match between 2 rivals that takes a slightly unusual turn.

If you would like to read the whole comic book or many more you may do so at this great site, Comic Book +, by clicking  here .

Comic Book + is a great resource for finding and reading comic books that are in the public domain. and its all free!

The Future

 Chess for Children will eventually make this chess comic into a chess motion comic!. We are now recruiting voice actors and should have it ready soon.

We however, thought the story was so good we decided to share it with you in regular comic form. Let us know of any chess stories that you would like to see on out site. We would only be too happy to find new and intriguing content. 

If you would like to see anymore Chess for Children Chess Comics you can start here! Happy hunting!

How we help.

 Chess for Children is dedicated to bring your child the safest, most educational and fun content the chess world has to offer.

We scour the entire world to bring to your child stuff which they love. Kid tested and parent approved, our content  quenches your child’s thirst for knowledge.

 The benefits of chess

Because Chess develops children ability to problem solve it most always results in a 10/15% raise in Math and Reading scores.

Give the child in your life the gift of a Chess for Children membership.

 Demographic studies have shown that chess-players the results of being a chess player leads children to higher education, more money, and greater happiness than their non chess playing counterparts.