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We at Chess for Children consider ourselves educators too. As educators you probably have a few questions that we can help you with.The links on the right will answer your most common questions, if you have any that we did not answer simply Call Chess for Children

How to set up a chess program.

There are 4 things one needs to have a chess program, children, a chess instructor, chess equipment and a space. If you have these four elements you can have a chess program.

Once all the elements are assembled then the next step is to plan. Is the chess program just in-school or do you wish to compete? If you want to compete do you want to do it locally or nationally? What is your budget? What time do you have to devote to program? What is a successful program to you and your school? Can you get the parents involved?

Once all of these questions are answered then you are on your way! It is not the richest or the most time involved programs that are always the most successful. Success depends on the quality of the people involved and that is why we strongly urge you to let Chess for Children help forge, for you and your school, the best chess program possible

To find out more information about setting up a chess club call


  What is involved with setting up a chess program?


   The answer is it depends on the type of program you want. I will break down into broad categories the possibilities.

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Type of program Equipment needed Personnel needed Approx. Cost Benefits
Chess Class (a chess class consists of one or more chess-players studying how to play chess or play chess better) Chess sets, Demonstration board, Chess lessons Chess Instructor,   Chess Assistant  $200 for equipment, and the cost of the instructor an assistant and lessons Children have fun and learn strategies that they can play against each other.
Chess Club ( a chess club consists of children getting together to play the game of chess in an informal atmosphere) Chess sets, Demonstration  Board, Chess Clocks Monitor and someone who knows the rules $400 for the equipment. Of course, you can bring your own equipment. Children have fun playing against one another.
Simple Chess Team ( a chess team which goes only to local and free scholastic events)          Chess Sets, Chess clocks, demonstration boards, score-sheets, travel expenses, entry fees Chess Coach, Chess Instructor, Chaperones, Parents. You could probably get away with a 2-3 thousand dollar budget. Children have fun and experience competition, lessons and classes will also reap benefits.

The Chess Studies Page
If you are here there is no doubt that you have heard of the very many benefits that chess has for children. The anecdotal evidence on the benefits of chess is tremendous but let’s face it, you are an educator, and while anecdotal evidence is O.K., what you really need are studies. Click here for a table summarizing many studies that have been done on chess and children.

The scientists among you would want to see the studies themselves and below you will find a few studies plus a bibliography of articles you might find helpful. Click on the blue links below.

Study I : The E.S.E.A. Title IV-C Project: Study 2 : PI Team Chess Game

Chess in Education Research Scholastic Chess Bibliography Chess

What about competition?

Chess is a game between 2 opponents and it is not always easy to find someone to play against. The good news is that no matter where you are there are opponents at every level just waiting to play you.

The places to find people to play are:

1) Chess clubs

2) Chess tournaments

3) Internet

Where can I get chess lessons and plans?

Chess for Children will provide you with chess lessons for your class. All you have to do is sign up for Chess for Children’s Lesson subscription service and each week will will send you a lesson for a beginning class, a intermediate class, or an advanced class.

In each lesson packet you will receive an entire chess lesson with every step spelled out in a clear and concise manner. Inside each lesson is a synopsis, a plan, an answer key, goals, and diagrams to be used as handouts to your students.

You can receive the lessons by e-mail, or by snail mail. The price of subscription is only $19.95 for either advanced, intermediate, or beginners.

What if you need lessons for all three groups of players? You can order Chess for Children Lesson Plans, all three levels for just $5 more! So for $24.95 you can have chess lessons for the whole year!

Click here for a sample lesson from Chess for Children Lesson Plans Coming soon!

Click here to order Chess for children’s Lesson Plan Coming soon!

Chess for Children has quality coaches!

You have but to call us and we will provide you with quality coaches no matter how large or small your program is. Chess for Children coaches are trained not just to be informative but fun too!

We believe that if a child has fun while learning they will be more receptive and productive.   We look forward to hearing from you! If your a little shy just fill out this form and we will call you within 24 hours.

Chess for Children can supply all of your chess equipment needs.

Chess for Children supplies:

1) Books

2) Sets and Boards

3) Clocks and

4) Chess Trophies

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