Chess Rap Video

Chess Rap

Hi Chess for Children kids, This is Mr C and I am going to show you my Chess Rap Video!

 I have made a video and written out the lyrics in case you want to sing along!

Chess Rap Part 1

Come listen to a tale I’m about to tell about a little chess game that I happen to play well.
This story to you I’m about to relate,is how I got a master in check-mate.
My first move was to play e4,

        1. e4

a move I played a million times before,
to my opponent this was no surprise
And he replied with pawn e5


I attacked the pawn with knight f3


Another move he expected to see
To my attack there was an easy fix
And he played it knight c6


I wanted to play a game that was tame
And nothings quieter than the 4 knights game
So knight c3 was the move I played
hoping to keep his aggression at bay

3. Nc3
3. Nc3

He wanted to attack me
wanted to sac it
He wanted to unnerve me with a crazy wild tactic            wanted to undo, my crazy wild cool

But this was another fool I had to take to school.
He wanted a move that was brave and bold
A crazy idea in a game so old
So lost within his mind he didn’t understand or find
That I had him surrounded by historical landmines
So f5 the move he finally played
Lashing out wildly without delay


On another day I might have been shook
But I saw this move in one of my books
So I knew the way to make him pay
Was to play d4 without delay

4. d4
4. d4


this opened the position and without a doubt
Is what you do with more pieces out.

Chess Rap Part 2

Now the pawns were engaged in hand to hand
and there was no telling where they’d land.
His f5 took my pawn at e attacking my knight at f3


My f3 knight took the e5 pawn

5. Ne5
5. Ne5

Then my opponent with a look of scorn
Brought his knight out to f6


Hoping to trap me with one of his tricks
Looking at the game and seeing its core
I brought my bishop to c4

6. Bc4
6. Bc4

He saw the Knight fork at f7
So he played d5 and my Bishop was threatened


But this move appeared before my eyes
I played the move knight takes d5

7. Nd5
7. Nd5

Chess Rap Part 3

He should have thought, he should have looked
but on d5 his knight then took.


Check on h5 my queen did fly,

8. Qh5
8. Qh5

he played g6 this was a forced reply.


I took the pawn off with my knight

9. Ng6
9. Ng6

And now my opponent saw the light
He saw that he was in a fight but he had not developed right.
He played Knight F6 which attacked my queen


thinking it would have to leave the scene,
but my bishop check on the f7 square,

10. Bf7+
10. Bf7+

and looking at his face I could tell he didn’t like it there.

He had to take to stay alive


Then I double checked at knight e5

11. Ne5 ++
11. Ne5 ++

To e6 the monarch roamed all alone


And far from home
My queen checked on the f7 square

12. Qf7+
12. Qf7+

Chess Rap Part 4

And then my opponent cried out in despair
Next move was mate
The game was mine
He had no choice but to resign
The moral of this tale is simply that
Study hard or you’ll fall flat
Talent is a precious thing
but it won’t help you in the opening.
I studied hard to play this game
My silly opponent should have done the same
I had to take him to fool school
because he forgot the golden rule
That for a combination to be truly sound
It must be firmly planted in strategical ground.

The End


 Chess Rap Video