Chess Trek

Chess Trek

 Hi, Chess for Children kids. This is Master Steve Colding and with the help of the Chess for Children minions we bring to you our video -Chess Trek- episode 1 – The Scary Queen.

The Story – The Scary Queen

 Our story takes place with the crew of the En – Prise engaged in an intergalactic chess match with the various dangerous Stalayans.
Captain Jerk making the final decision aided by his crew Leutenant Ifoolu, Mr Shock, Leutentant Checkoff, and the rest.
When the Stalayans bring out their Queen hyper early it challenges the Captain and crew to come up with the very best moves.
Can they do it? Are they up for the task, Check out the video and see.

Chess and Outer Space

When the human race leaves the earth we will take our favorite game chess with us. Why? Because chess is challenging, rewarding and fun! I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to play a Vulcan a game of chess. Now that I think about it I can’t wait to say to a Kilingon over the board” Now is a good day to die”. or “Kupla!!! “(the Klingon word for success)
Don’t think it’s possible, you can’t believe that it will happen? Well look at the astronauts that are playing chess in the pictures! Including the one in space!
As usual Chess for Children brings to you the very best in chess entertainment and we are proud to have you join us!
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 Chess Trek Video

Chess Trek
chess in outer space
Chess Trek