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Welcome to the new Chess for website. Chess for Children is a new online interactive chess magazine. We will produce about 10 lessons every 2 weeks. There will also be tactics training and many other extras. You can even download PDFs and take part in our Master led seminars. Thank you for becoming a member at If there is anything that you would like to know or ask feel free and
e-mail me at

Stephen Colding C.E.O. of Chess for Childen
NM Steve Colding
Chess Parents Endorsement of Chess for Children

Table of Contents

Lesson #1

Krushing the Krazy Kat Opening

Lesson #2

Chess Trek
Chess Trek Episode #1

Lesson #3

How to Stop Losing Your Pieces

Lesson #4

article on hunting Grandmasters of Chess
Hunting Grandmasters

Lesson #5

How to Checkmate in less than 10 moves
Mate in less than 10 -Part 1

Lesson #6

Chess Notation- A History
Chess Notation

Lesson #7

The General and the kid
The General & the Kid

Lesson #8

2 Queen Checkmate
Two Queen Checkmate

Lesson #9

The Morra Gambit Lives!!
The Morra Gambit Lives!

Lesson #10

Great Players: Legall de Kumuer