Gueridon and Epaulet Mates

Gueridon and Epaulet Mates

Gueridon and Epaulet Mates Article

Hello Chess for Children kids! Today’s subject will be about 2 checkmates that are very similar and just a little different.  They are  called the Gueridon and Epaulet Mates These checkmates are part 3 of our series on the pretty checkmates. We hope you enjoy. The diagrams below will show what today’s mates are.
Gueridion Mate Position
Gueridon Mate
The Gueridon Mate  is also called the Swallow Tale Mate. The word Gueridon refers to a French table which the chess pieces supposedly look like when set up for this checkmate. (See Diagram)
The names Swallow Tale is based on the same idea. I leave it to the reader to decide whether these names are good or not.
Epaulet Mate by Mr C.
Epaulet Mate  
An epaulet is an ornamental shoulder piece on a piece of clothing. (see picture)
This name seems very appropriate because the Rooks are on the shoulders of the King. In both mates checkmate is delivered by the Queen. In the epaulet the Queen needs no protection and in the Gueridion the Queen needs an assist from another piece or Pawn. These checkmates happen very rarely so one must always be on the lookout just in case the the possibility exists. We will see some games in which each mate occurs. If you would like to find out more about the today’s checkmates you can see this great article Why not become a member and unlock a lot more of our content? You can join here.

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Examples of Epaulet Mate

 Example of Gueridon Mate

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