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Monthly Scholastic Chess Calendar

Neot's Monthly Chess Calendar

Hello, Chess for Children kids!, Welcome to Neot’s Monthly Scholastic Chess Calendar. It is very informative and will help you and your parents decide on the very best chess events for you.  


Fall 2020


1) The Right move Chess Foundation (TRM):   NOTE the next touranement is on Sun the 8th!!!!!
TRM is a- FREE Chess for Youth – that is offering an *Outdoor* Chess Tournament!
The outdoor chess holds a limited number of players – so register early.  Masks are required.  Social distancing.  Hand sanitizing. 
The sessions take place in various locations around the city: 
Sun Nov 8th at Riverbank State Park in Manhattan- Indoors 4 rounds limited to 48 players (Sunday)… or Outdoors at Roberto Clemente SP
For details about this tournament and future ones go to
To Register email 


1)  Chess in The schools (CIS):    NOTE the next touranement is on Veterans’ Day – Wednesday the 11th!!!!!
Chess in the school has a new online chess tournament with a new format and rules — no more long days, instead just an hour of fun play from home. Definitely give it a try and be a part of this unique FREE offering. Winners receive prizes. To register to the next tournament -Veterans’ Day Chess Challenge on  Wed Nov 11th go to: CIS – Nov 11th Chess Tournament 
For additional future tournaments go to: CIS – All Tournaments

2) Brooklyn Tech and Murrow chess teams NOTE the tournament is in two days – Friday Nov 13th!!!!!
Hello all! On behalf of the Brooklyn Tech and Murrow chess teams, we’d love to invite everyone here to the Brooklyn Tech and Murrow Tournament this Friday at 4:00pm on lichess. It is open to all, so anyone here can play! In a time like now, where everything is limited, our teams came together to host an event that offers another opportunity to keep the chess community tightly knit. Here’s the link to the event:


1) Start Right Chess Inc.’s :  NOTE this program is now including FREE Saturdays!!!!!!!
Start Right Chess Inc.’s “Afterschool Power Hour” ($20-$25) includes a sequenced, small-group lesson, round robin, and game analysis.  Parents may book one or more power hours weekdays from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. EDT.  Enrolled kids also may participate in FREE SATURDAYS – programming featuring a tournament with prizes and other social fun and games for kids.  Coached by highly-successful National Masters Juac, Bah, and Yujaravan.  Use discount code “NEOT10” for a 10% discount, 50% sibling discount.

2) “”: 
Chessmates.Buzz is a very small organization with students that range from Beginners to Masters;  we specialize in mentoring children with special needs. Our main focus is not to prioritize success in Chess but rather their overall happiness in life. We believe  in creating a positive fun learning environment and trust that improvement will naturally follow. We teach our children not to be overly concerned with their chess rankings or the opinions of others but to simply enjoy coming together and learning with other kids that share a similar philosophy. Register at:

3) Impact Coaching Network:
ICN offers both after school programs and tournaments — Register here : ICN
ICS also offers an Online Tournament Chess League – read below:
It would be so amazing to centralize the NYC chess community into one place during these virtual times. Currently things are becoming very fragmented and many players / schools are losing interest.  We have created a league that has given our players and teams access to meaningful competition, helping keep them engaged. We have a real opportunity to provide leadership in the NYC scholastic community by providing access to meaningful online competition. Through the reach of our ICN programs and friends in the community we have taken steps to organize a competitive ecosystem that gives our students access to meaningful competition, helping keep them engaged in our current virtual environment. We welcome all players from all schools
To see more details and register: ICN League

4) Marshall Chess Club: 
NCC offers both tournaments and classes. Register here MCC 

5) Chess Max Academy:
Max Academy is offering group classes after school for all levels from 5 years old and up to National Master level!
We also run an Academy wide tournament on Saturdays at 11am EDT, everyone can participate for a modest $10 fee.
Register Here: Chess Max Academy

6) Chess NYC:
Chess NYC is offering the following afterschool programs and tournaments:
Head Start Chess

  • Chess for those just learning the game.  Classes will be filled with our own animated videos and interactive instruction that will teach board orientation, piece movement, check and check-mate; and the basic rules to the game. Once completed participants will be promoted into a same time session of Advancing in Chess.    
Advancing in Chess
  • Here Players will learn opening principles, board control, attack and defense, and course, play! Once the Coach is satisfied with the player’s understanding of this Session, Players will be promoted to another same time session of GM Inspired TAG I Chess. 
GM Inspired Tag I Chess
  • This group will learn, tactics, review actual games, play and learn calculations and more!  The final promotion once this session is realized is to a same time session of GM Inspired TAG II Chess. 
GM Inspired Tag II Chess
  • The best way to describe this group is “diabolical”! Player’s will learn how to compete (which is a separate skill set from knowing how to play). They will play, review games, discuss theory and calculations and strive for excellence. 
‘Play n Stay’
  • 3 USCF Rated Online Matches paired in quads.  
  • Time Control: G20 D0
  • Daily cash prizes for the winner of each quad and a chance to qualify for the Grand Prize: a trip to Walt Disney World!



1) NSCF – National Scholastic Chess Foundation:  
The NSCF is offering small group online chess classes directly to students with options for all grades and abilities.
Weekday after school and Saturday morning options. Visit NCSF for complete descriptions. Levels 1, 2 and 3 are 14 weeks but offered in 7-week “parts”. Higher levels are 10 weeks each. For additional information, email

2) Top Level Chess: 
Top Level Chess is offering zoom Classes on Mondays, Wednesday’s and Fridays from 4:00 to 6:00pm.  Lectures are:  GM Alex Lenderman, GM Irina Krush, GM Gregory Kaidanov, IM Hans Niemann, GM Georgi Kachaishvilli, with WIM Shernaz Kennedy or John James Kennedy.
Cost $50 an hour.
Advanced level – instructive games covering the 16 Middle game themes. Interactive lectures. Training to calculate and evaluate in the Center.  
Intermediate level – outlining openings and end games.  Instructive games
Beginners – playing in teams with instructive pointers.  Outline opening principles.  16 Middle game themes.  Basic endings. Register using this email:

3) Little House of Chess: 
LHOC is offering online after-school classes for Pre-K to 12th-grade students from 3:30 to 4:45 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and from 3:30 to 5:30 pm on Fridays starting Friday September 11th.  Register here: LHOC

4)  NY Chess Kids:
NYChesskids offers after school program every day from Monday to Sunday  3pm-6pm ,  3pm-3:45pm beginners; 3:45-4:30pm intermediate; 4:30-5:15pm Advanced; 5:15-6pm practice Monday to Sunday 3pm-6pm Register here: NY Chess Kids

5) Premier Chess:  Premier Chess, Founded by National Master Evan Rabin, is offering a series of 9 fall group classes for all ages and skill levels We have something for everybody.
Register here: Premier Chess

Hi all, my name is Neot.  My kids, Maya, Hillel and Yotam play chess. You gave me your email address when I met you at a citywide or National chess tournament to be added to this list.  If at any point you wish to be taken off this list, or, if you know of people who might be interested in getting on this list – just shoot me an email.

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Neot Doron - Repa
Neot Doron - Repa

is a wife , mother, professional photographer and author of our monthly chess calendar.