Teach Your Child Chess

 Teach Your Child Chess in 10 easy Lessons

By National Master Stephen Colding

I have been teaching chess to children for over 40 years.

I know the frustrations and challenges that every parent faces when trying to expose  chess to their children. In my book :”Teach Your Child Chess in 10 Easy Lessons”  I share with you the secrets of teaching children chess in a fun, effective and efficient way. The “Colding Method” which has been utilized in many NYC Public schools has been used to teach chess to children as young as 2 years of age.

In “Teach Your Child Chess in 10 Easy Lessons” each concept is introduced with a nursery rhyme (which can actually be sung to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star:) and reinforced with an activity and a practice session. The children learn in a non-threatening environment which encourages not only learning but bonding between the parent and the child. The great thing about the method is that the parent does not themselves need to be an expert or even know how to play the game. Chess for Children has used this method for teaching chess to tens of thousands of children in both public and private schools.

Teach Your Child Chess in 10 Easy Lessons”  is more than just a book on how to learn chess it is a rewarding, bonding experience for both parent and child. “Teach Your Child Chess in 10 Easy Lessons” reinforces the parental joy of teaching our children new and wonderful things.

Studies have proven that children who play chess do well better in school than their non- chess playing counterparts. Demographic reports have also shown that chess-players earn more and are happier in life. Like music, Math , Art, and Science, chess enriches our children’s appreciation for learning and helps make them great citizens. It also gives them the edge when applying for scholarships and awards.

We have also a free activity book available to all with a little sample of the book with my complements.

The world’s most prolific chess author Bruce Pandolfini wrote in his forward to “Teach Your Child Chess in 10 Easy Lessons”

“Teaching Your Child Chess In Ten Easy Lessons” by Stephen Colding captured my attention as soon as I saw its cover. I was especially intrigued by the statement that the book could be used to teach three-year-olds and up. I couldn’t think of another chess book aimed at teaching such a young audience. That was its first appeal, and that made we want to look inside.
As I began reading I became captivated. The author has a truly charming way to present what can be such a daunting subject. With poems, mnemonics, engaging cartoons, stimulating exercises and tasks, and all kinds of insightful encapsulations, master teacher Steve Colding renders chess as the fun game it should be and most definitely is.
With very clear explanations and excellent visuals, all the rules and key principles of chess are here to be learned and savored. Driving it all is Colding’s encouraging system of rewards, where readers garner points they can use for challenges throughout the book, heading towards various learning goals.
As with any gifted teacher, Steve Colding manages to tap into sundry practical ideas going beyond chess. Whether the analogy is art, geometry, logic, or general problem-solving skills, this book underscores valuable thinking tools from which every child can benefit and grow. What a great way for an inspired youngster to learn chess, and what a helpful book for the aspiring chess teacher to teach it.
We at Chess for Children are very proud of our very first book and know that it would be a welcomed edition to any parent’s library.
If you would like the free activities book with a sample of the book Teach Your Child Chess Activity Book
Teach Your Child Chess In 10 Easy Lessons
Teach Your Child Chess In 10 Easy Lessons

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