Chess for Children

 Chess for Children-  Chess lessons for Children

Chess for Children – we make children smarter!

Chess for Children teaches children how to play chess. We offer the best chess lessons for children in the Tri-State area. Our instructors are trained to use  a holistic system to remove the fallacies of thought in  our children. We give personalized attention realizing that all of our children are individuals. We design our lesson for the individual student. Our lessons are informative and state of the art. We emphasize fun and thinking.

In this information age , our children are bombarded constantly with message after message. They need the right  tools to shift through all of the world’s noise.   Our children have many challenges  and their solutions will be based on their quality of thought. Can they look ahead? How many steps? Do they understand  that actions have consequences? What are the quality of their problem-solving skills?

The program is based on the lessons and experiences of National Master Stephen Colding’s 30 years of experience in teaching chess to young people. Master Colding estimates that he has taught chess to over 100,000 children.

Chess for Children uses chess as a tool. We plant the seeds of imagination. We promote creativity. We build self-esteem. We show children to look within themselves and when they do they discover just how powerful they are. Children regardless of age or background  benefit from the lessons that a strong chess program can teach.

Join the revolution and enroll your child in our innovative and award-winning program. The world needs the brilliance of her children and their parents. Our children have the seeds of greatness in them let us help them bring it out.

Chess for Children we make children smarter!

Chess for Children Explainer Video from Chess for Children on Vimeo.