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Crushing The Scotch Game

Crushing the Scotch Game

National Master Steve Colding give a chess lesson on how to crush the Scotch Game. His article gives a little history and his video shows one of his games.

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Chess Prodigy

Chess Prodigy?

10 signs your child might be a chess prodigy – Mr C gives a list of 10 things to look out for to determine if your child is a chess prodigy. Funny.

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Castling in Chess

This article is about castling. Its history, when and if you should do it and when and if you should attack a castled position.

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Chess for Children article on Emmanuel Lasker 2nd World Champ

Emmanuel Lasker

I am Emanuel Lasker and I was a German chess player, mathematician, and philosopher. I was World Chess Champion for 27 years.

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Hi, my name is Philidor, I was a great chess-player and composer. Read about my life, my music and my chess.

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Chess Trek Chess for Children Chess Trek

Chess Trek

Chess Trek – Follow the Star Ship En-Prise and its crew as they play intergalactic chess with the deadly Staylians

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Chess Parent endorses Chess for Children

Chess for Children Welcomes Neot Doron-Repa to Our Team!

Chess for Children is proud to announce that Neot Doron-Repa allows us to publish her monthly newsletter of chess events in and around the New York area. MS Doron Repa has been providing New York parents this valuable resource for years and we thing the content is so valuable we want to offer it up

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chess elements

The 7 Elements of the Game of Chess

 The 7 Elements of Chess By National Master Steve Colding                   Introduction: Part 1                               Chess like a table, chair, you or me is made up of certain things. The essential qualities which make up the game we love are called elements.

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