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National Master Steve Colding explores Blackburne’s Mate in an article and video for Chess for Children kids.

 Hey, Chess for Children kids, it’s me, Mr. C. and today’s subject for study will be Blackburne’s Mate. 

According to Wikipedia:

“Joseph Henry Blackburne (10 December 1841 – 1 September 1924) was a British chess player. Nicknamed “The Black Death”, he dominated the British scene during the latter part of the 19th century. Blackburne learned the game at the relatively late age of 17 or 18,

Young Blackburne
Young Blackburne

but he quickly became a strong player and went on to develop a professional chess career that spanned over 50 years.

Old Blackburne
Old Blackburne

At one point he was one of the world’s leading players, with a string of tournament victories behind him, and popularized chess by giving simultaneous and blindfold displays around the country. Blackburne also published a collection of his own games.”

Blackburne's Book
Blackburne’s Book

Blackburne’s book is titled “Mr Blackburne’s Games of Chess”

If you would like to have an e-book copy of his book you can click this link.

J.H. was said to have a colorful biography. If you want to know more about him consider reading one or more of these web pages:

Chess Romanticism – Blackburne

J.H. Blackburne

Joseph Henry Blackburne was a very colorful character. He had the nickname the Black Death because he was a large imposing man with a black beard and his hyper aggressive chess style. 

It is also stated in some article that he had a terrible temper. It was once suggested that he actually threw Steinitz out of a window!

Blackburne had matches with 2 world chess champions Steinitz and Lasker which he both lost. He however won the majority of matches that he played.

Blackburne’s  Mates

There are 3 Blackburne’s Mates.  They all deal with mates that are delivered by 2 Bishops and a Knight with the mated King being in a castled position. They are in the diagrams below:

Blackburne's Mate #1
Blackburne’s Mate #1
Blackburne's Mate #2
Blackburne’s Mate #2
Blackburne's Mate #3
Blackburne’s Mate #3

Blackburne’s Opening Trap