Lolli’s Mate

A picture of Lolli's book which includes Lolli's Mate

National Master Steve Colding discusses Lolli’s Mate and the Modena School of Chess

Blackburne’s Mate

Blackburne's Mate

National Master Steve Colding explores Blackburne’s Checkmates in an article and video for Chess for Children kids.

Morphy’s Mates

Paul Morphy Mates explained by Mr. C.

Hello, Chess for Children kids, this is National Master Steve Colding and today’s subject is Morphy’s Mates.

Rook and Knight Checkmates

Rook and Knight Checkmating Patterns explored by Mr. C

Rook and Knight Checkmate patterns are explored and explained by Chess for Children instructor National Master Mr.C.

Smothered Mate

smothered Mate

Smothered Mate is defined, explained and explored by Chess for Children instructor Mr C., in this article

Chess Notation – A History

Chess Notation- A History

In Chess notation – a History, NM Steve Colding looks at the history of chess notations and explains the system that most players use today.

Crushing the Scotch Game

Crushing The Scotch Game

National Master Steve Colding give a chess lesson on how to crush the Scotch Game. His article gives a little history and his video shows one of his games.

Trash Talking in Chess

Trash Talking in Chess

Trash Talking in Chess is not new but who started it? Maybe it could be the subject of this video Legal De Kumuer

Castling in Chess


This article is about castling. Its history, when and if you should do it and when and if you should attack a castled position.

Emmanuel Lasker

Chess for Children article on Emmanuel Lasker 2nd World Champ

I am Emanuel Lasker and I was a German chess player, mathematician, and philosopher. I was World Chess Champion for 27 years.

The General & The Kid

Gen. Winifield Scott

When General Winfield Scott went to play chess in New Orleans he got a little more than he bargained for…



Hi, my name is Philidor, I was a great chess-player and composer. Read about my life, my music and my chess.