My Biggest Chess Blunder

 Hi, Chess for Children Kids, this is Mr C and today I am going to talk about my biggest chess blunder.

We are all human and we all make mistakes, the real question is can we learn from those mistakes? I certainly hope I learned feom this mistake.

I have dropped ton’s of Pawns, Knights, Bishops, Rooks and Queens. Missing mate, being greedy, unestimated ones opponent, yep I’ve done it all.  There is however, no mistake that I’ve ever made in chess that comapres to this whopper.

You have a choice you can see the chess comic to the right or you can read the whole story below.

I shared this with you in the hope you will never make the mistake that I did.  Ok so, without further ado I shall tell you about:

My Biggest Chess Blunder

While coaching a chess team at the New York State Scholastic Chess Championships.
We had gotten to a round that we need to win badly to stay in contention.
looked at one of my players
who was doing poorly and said
“We need you to get at least a draw
this game by any means necessary”.
He looked at me and said
that he would try his best.
He came out after his game with a draw and I was elated.
I congratulated him and told him he had
helped the team tremendously and he went off
to play with his fellow teammate.

 Oh oh  it’s a Problem

Shortly his mother came to me and told me a story.
When her son finally came out with the other boy he had been playing
the other boy ran over to his mother and began to cry.
His mother looked down at him, listened to him intently
and rose up shocked and indignant.
She then looked at my student mother with a look of total disgust.
She then said to the mother” You should not threaten your child
about a chess game!”
My student’s mother then denied threatening the boy.
The mother then went on to explain that while in the game
in a losing position my student had told the boy that if he lost
his mother would beat him. He then showed the little
boy scars to prove that his mother was so mean
. The little boy was so sad that he gave my student a draw.
We, of course, gave back the half point to the little boy.
When I asked the child why he had lied to the boy
he said to me”
When I asked the child why he had lied to the boy
he said to me”
You said to win by any means necessary”.
Well after I explained (in a long a lengthy manner)
that cheating was wrong
he went off and played with his friends.
Now I am very careful
about what I say to children.

The End


 My Biggest Chess Blunder Comic

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