How Do I Bring Chess to My Child’s School?

How to set up a chess program. There are 4 things one needs to have a chess program, children, a chess instructor, chess equipment and a space. If you have these four elements you can have a chess program. Once all the elements are assembled then the next step is to plan. Is the chess program just in-school or do you wish to compete? If you want to compete do you want to do it locally or nationally? What is your budget? What time do you have to devote to program? What is a successful program to you and your school? Can you get the parents involved? Once all of these questions are answered then you are on your way! It is not the richest or the most time involved programs that are always the most successful. Success depends on the quality of the people involved and that is why we strongly urge you to let Chess for Children help forge for you and your school the best chess program possible.

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