Chess Game - Oops, I did it again!

 Chess Game – Chess Trap Video

  A Chess Trap

 This article is about a quick chess game that I recently played. I was fortunate that the player fell into my trap. This is a little video on that trap.

Chess doesn’t have to always be epic battles which take place over the entire landscape of the board. Chess doesn’t always have to be a symphony sometime it can be a pop tune. So here in my video I present to you a little pop tune of chess.

Sometimes, a quick little game can be very satisfying.

The opening trap happens in a relatively new variation in the English Opening.  The opening is called the Anglo – Scandinavian Defense.It is a suggestion of  International Master Mark Esserman. He suggests it in his magnificent book ” Mayhem in the Morra”which I highly recommend. If you would like you purchase his book you can go here.

Esserman’s idea is that since the English Opening is only a reversed Sicilian then why not use a reverse Morra Gambit. I, myself would like to add a couple of points just to add to Esserman’s Idea to help convince you that it might be worth a trip:

  1.   The positions are very trappy.
  2. The English Opening is a strategic, quiet opening and the reversed Morra changes that
  3.  Players who play the English are probably not familiar with the Morra, which puts them in a very dangerous position.
  4. Its more fun to play!

What do you think about this opening? Is it good, bad or ugly? Drop us a line and let me know.

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