Does Bugs Bunny Play Chess?

Does Bugs Bunny Play Chess?

Does Bugs Bunny play chess is one of the most burning questions of our time. Hi boys and girls my name is Mr. C and I am going to answer this question for you. 

Bugs is Smart

Bugs Bunny usually gets out of trouble because he uses his smarts. The solutions of his problems are very creative  and innovative., just like a chess player. We could learn a lot from this Wascally  Wabbit.

The way he escapes and evades his enemies like, Elmer J. Fudd, Yosemite Sam, the Tasmainian Devil, etc are worth of the very best  chess Grand Masters.

Bugs Bunny Chess Sets

Over the years there have been very many chess sets based on Bugs. Look to the right to see  one of my favorites:

“Okay this is all fine and dandy Mr. C.” you might say,” but where is the proof?” Well, fine student I can present 2 proof which show beyond a reasonable doubt that our Oscar winning Bunny does indeed play our favorite pasttime.

The first proof is this picture (look right) where Elmer and Bugs (in less contentious times) are enjoying a quiet evening playing the best game in the world chess!

There is also another picture that shows Bugs playing with Daffy Duck if you want you can see that pic here.

The 2nd proof I have to offer is in the video above. Yes, Chess for Children kids, Bug Bunny, the Oscar winning rabbit does indeed play chess. If you ever run into him why not ask him for a game?

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 Bugs Plays Chess Video

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Bugs Bunny Placy chess set
Bugs Bunny Plays Chess