The King and Rook Checkmate

King and Rook Checkmate

King and Rook Checkmate Article 

 Hello Chess for Children’s Kids! Today’s subject is the K+ R mate. It is our great pleasure to introduce and welcome National Master Tyrell Harriott to the Chess for Children team. We are very pleased and lucky to have him! 

Today’s article is about how to mate with the King and Rook.  This is a checkmate that you should win every time. Once you know the plan the rest is easy.

King and Rook Checkmate Plan.

Step 1. Take away a good portion of the board. Usually half the board is possible.

Step 2 : Bring the King up to support the Rook. Take care not to step the King directly in front of the other King as he will then have the option to escape to the side he chooses. ( In other words, don’t let him have the opposition.)

Step 3: If on retreating he surrenders a rank take control of that rank and cut his possibilities even more. If he places his King directly in front of yours check and gain control of the rank.

Step 4: Repeat until the opposing King is on the back rank.

Step 5: Wait until he positions his King in front of yours. Lose a move with the Rook if this aids in the task.

Step 6: Deliver the mate with the Rook.

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K+R Checkmate Video

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NM Tyrell Harriott

NM Tyrell Harriott

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