How to King Hunt

King Hunts

Why King Hunts?

An important skill that we must learn how to master in chess is the ability to conduct a King hunt. In the opening or the middle-game our Kings should seek comfort and shelter so that we can plan our strategies calmly and rationally. To have that peace disturbed can lead to a swift and decisive defeat.

Our job should be, when the opponent a poor job of sheltering his majesty, to upset the monarch and force him on a road that leads directly into our position. When our opponent has not paid attention to the safety of his King there might exist the possibility of a King hunt.

The closer he is to our territory the easier it is to reach our goal of checkmate. King hunts are also a lot of fun!

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The Rules of a King Hunt

 The King Hunt in Practice

Below we will show you a brilliant example of a determined Master hunting down another Master’s King.

The game we have chosen is Edward Lasker vs Sir George A Thomas in Oct 1912. The game is called The Fatal Attraction Game and now we will see why.

I think you would agree that Edward Lasker  ( a distant cousin of Emmanuel Lasker) was truly inspired that day!

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