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Krushing the Krazy Kat Opening

 Hello Chess for Children kids, and today’s subject is based on a true story that happened to me in my local bakery. My opponent played the Krazy Kat Opening also known as the Adams Defense or the Hippo.

My wife sent me out on a snowy day to pick up coconut cake for her and her sister. I stumbled upon 2 chess -players playing a game in the bakery shop. When I gigled at their moves one took offense and asked me to play. What follows is a story that I could not make up!

What is the proper thing to do when your opponent plays a crazy opening? Well, if it is a GM you might be in trouble! Luckily my opponent was an ordinary human. What follows is a funny story. We think it is one of our best videos and we hope you enjoy it.

Usually, Chess for Children scours the entire world for great stories and lessons to bring to our kids. But here we only had to look in our own backyard.

Chess for Children – we make children smarter!

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