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Chess Trek Chess for Children Chess Trek

Chess Trek

Chess Trek – Follow the Star Ship En-Prise and its crew as they play intergalactic chess with the deadly Staylians

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chess elements

The 7 Elements of the Game of Chess

 The 7 Elements of Chess By National Master Steve Colding                   Introduction: Part 1                               Chess like a table, chair, you or me is made up of certain things. The essential qualities which make up the game we love are called elements.

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Beating Grandmasters

shhhh…I’m hunting Grandmasters!

In a chess -player’s life, if he is lucky, he will have a chance to play a grand-master. Grand-masters are by definition rare and beautiful creatures. A complete player that combines, attacks, and defense with a style and grace that few chess-players in the entire world can match. Grand-masters take the game of chess and lift it up past from the mere point of competition and elevates it to the level of art.

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Crushing The Scotch Game

Crushing the Scotch

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