School Chess Programs

School Chess Programs

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 Chess for Children’s School Chess Programs

There are 5 types of  school chess programs that Chess for Children offers. They are:

  1. Online Chess Academy
  2. In-School Chess
  3. After-School chess
  4. Chess Coaching for Teams
  5. Teacher Development

1. Online Chess Enrichment Program

In these day of uncertainty schools must be flexible. Students must be able to hone their skills even though they are at home. Chess for Children can stream our entertaining and informative classes to anywhere you need them to go. We can provide a nice, safe secure place that children can play train and educate themselves.  In addition to access to our streaming lessons all students will be given membership to our website where they can access lessons, puzzles, videos and play, 24 hours a day.

2. In – School Chess Program

  Our instructors come in during the school day and delivers our tried and true, effective courses. We bring everything a chess class needs, sets, boards, printed materials and audio and visual aids. In addition each member of each class will be given a free Adventurers level Membership on our website.

3. After – School Chess Program

The after -school Chess Programs comes in 3 flavors depending on the schools need. We can provide instruction and directed play for schools that compete in chess tournaments, for schools looking to play in chess tournaments and for those schools who just want a club or fun activity for their students. 

Chess for Children provides all the equipment for training and fun and in addition each student will receive a membership from our online school that they can access 24 hours a day.

4. Chess Coaching for Teams

 This is for teams that need a temporary chess coach for a tournament. Sometime things happens and you need a competent chess coach fast. Chess for Children can provide that for you!

5. Teacher Development

There are times when a school needs to have chess taught in-house. We can help with that too. We can show you in our online seminars how to teach your children effectively and have fun at the same time. We can also provide you with equipment lesson plans, tests, etc. 

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