Trash Talking in Chess

Trash Talking in Chess

Hello Chess for Children kids, this is Mr C. and today’s subject will be trash talking in chess. Trash talking is not new to the chess world it is practiced to day in chess parks and clubs all over the world.  In this little article and video we will explain to you what exactly is trash talking, why do chess-players do it, and how should we do it.

What is Trash Talking? 

Trash talking is the process of talking to your opponent during a game of chess. While this is frowned upon in a serious tournament game it is very much encouraged during speed games.

Why is it done?

Some players do it to distract or demoralize their opponents, others have spontaneous outbursts of inspiration. I have heard players sing, recite poetry or pithy phrases, or just come up with useless nonsense.

I am not terribly good at trash talking myself but I do remember one time that still to this day strike me as inspired. My opponent reached out to move a piece and he lost his footing and fell flat on his rump.  I then said ” Yes, it was a strong move, wasn’t it.”

That brings me to the best reason to trash talk during a game… it is truly fun! So my dear reader next time you are playing a game which is not so serious why not throw in a couple of witty remarks? It may just lighten your day and make your game a little more fun.

A great example about how it is done can be found in this video

If you would like to find out more about the first trash talker featured in our video you can do so here.

The First Trash Talker in Chess?

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