Chess Comic of the Month

Death loves a good game of chess so he makes an offer to the World Champion that he can’t resist!

Anastasia’s Mate

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Lolli’s Mate

A picture of Lolli's book which includes Lolli's Mate

National Master Steve Colding discusses Lolli’s Mate and the Modena School of Chess

Blackburne’s Mate

Blackburne's Mate

National Master Steve Colding explores Blackburne’s Checkmates in an article and video for Chess for Children kids.

Morphy’s Mates

Paul Morphy Mates explained by Mr. C.

Hello, Chess for Children kids, this is National Master Steve Colding and today’s subject is Morphy’s Mates.

Rook and Knight Checkmates

Rook and Knight Checkmating Patterns explored by Mr. C

Rook and Knight Checkmate patterns are explored and explained by Chess for Children instructor National Master Mr.C.

Back Rank Checkmates

Back Rank Mate Example

Back Rank Checkmates will be the subject of this article. Mr C brings his usual and entertaining style to one of chess’s most common mates.

Smothered Mate

smothered Mate

Smothered Mate is defined, explained and explored by Chess for Children instructor Mr C., in this article

King and Queen Checkmate

King and Queen Checkmate by NM Tyrell Harriott

Checkmate with the King and Queen is demonstrated in this quick and entertaining video by NM Tyrell Harriott.

The King and Rook Checkmate

King and Rook Checkmate by NM Tyrell Harriott

National Master Tyrell Harriott shows us his technique for implementing Checkmate with the King and The Rook.

The Ladder Checkmate

Ladder Checkmate by Mr C.

The Ladder Checkmate – Part 3 – Checkmates you need to know – National Master Mr C takes you through the plans of how to checkmate with 2 Rooks