Mates Along the E-File

 Fast Checkmates in  less than 10 moves

Fast checkmates happen in this, video #4 of the series. Mr. C talks about the really fast mates along the e-file. In a fun and entertaining style Master Steve takes you through the checkmates which you should learn to become a dangerous and better player. 

A note from Mr. C:

Hello, Chess for Children kids! We want to thank you for visiting our quick checkmates page. We really appreciate you and our little minions are constantly at work trying to bring you the very chess lessons on the web today.

Checkmate is a wonderful thing and what can make it more wonderful is to checkmate our opponent really quickly.

Why is a quick checkmate so satisfying? Maybe it iss because we demonstrate our superiority ina decisive way. It could be that we could go grab a pizza or play with a friend. I think that quick checkmates are just fun to play.  Whatever the reason here are some rapid fire checkmates to help you in your games. Enjoy!

The checkmate that Mr. C covers are checkmate along the e-file. If you would like to learn more about this kind of checkmate you can see our video/article here.

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 Fast mates along the e-file video