The Copycat Game – Part 2

Copycat Game - Part 2

 Four Knights Opening Continued…

It is highly recommended that you should look at the Copycat Game part 1 which can be viewed here.

In this game we examine the move 11…Nxf3+ instead of 11…Bxf3. 
National Master Mr C. states that the Four Knights Opening should be the beginner’s first chess opening because it teaches the principal of good development.  This game is important because it is what we call a base game. A base game or key game are games that are critical to study for the overall understanding of a particular chess opening.
In learning an opening what is most important is learning the ideas of an opening. It is important that one doesn’t try to memorize a game. Memory is like a bad friend …He’s never there when you need him! Don’t use your memory seek understanding.

The ideas of this game show that defense can play a big part in us winning the game.

Defense Wins Games!

White’s 13th move 13.h3!! is a move of tremendous defensive power. Giving the King shelter because of a smash up Kingside and using the Rook to both attack and defend against Black’s ideas.
The main idea of this game that is done by both Black and White is when the Kingside is smashed up pull the King to safety and try to use the Rook on the open file.
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