Chess Notation – A History

Chess Notation- A History

In Chess notation – a History, NM Steve Colding looks at the history of chess notations and explains the system that most players use today.

Crushing the Scotch Game

Crushing The Scotch Game

National Master Steve Colding give a chess lesson on how to crush the Scotch Game. His article gives a little history and his video shows one of his games.

Trash Talking in Chess

Trash Talking in Chess

Trash Talking in Chess is not new but who started it? Maybe it could be the subject of this video Legal De Kumuer

Chess Prodigy?

Chess Prodigy

10 signs your child might be a chess prodigy – Mr C gives a list of 10 things to look out for to determine if your child is a chess prodigy. Funny.

Steve Colding- National Master

Steve Colding

Meet Master Steve Colding is an article an video about the founder of Chess for Children. Mr. C, to his students, tells a little about what makes him tick.