Setting Goals and Materials Needed for this Course

Setting Goals

Setting Goals and Materials Needed for this Course By National Master Stephen Colding Setting goals and having the right tools to teach your toddle to play chess is a very important part of this course. This article is the 3rd in a series of articles entitled “ Teach Your Toddler to Play Chess”. This is […]

Setting up a Learning Environment

A learning environment

 This article is the second in a series by National Master Stephen Colding that shows parents how to teach their toddlers to play chess. In this article how to set up a learning environment is explained. Part 1 of this series, How to teach your toddler to play chess, can be seen here. If you […]

2 Queen Checkmate

2 Queen Checkmate

The 2 Queen Checkmate is the first video in the series – The 5 Checkmates you need to know. Mr C form Chess for Children shows you how to win simply.

Crushing the Scotch Game

Crushing The Scotch Game

National Master Steve Colding give a chess lesson on how to crush the Scotch Game. His article gives a little history and his video shows one of his games.

Steve Colding- National Master

Steve Colding

Meet Master Steve Colding is an article an video about the founder of Chess for Children. Mr. C, to his students, tells a little about what makes him tick.

The Morra Gambit Lives On

The Morra Gambit Lives!!

The Morra Gambit lives on is Mr C’s response to an article of his friend, Andre Harding’s article on the Morra Gambit from his site Chess Essentials.

My Biggest Chess Blunder

My Biggest Chess Blunder

This is about the biggest mistake that I made in chess and how a little boy taught me a big lesson.

Alekhine, Alexander


I was a Russian chess grandmaster and the fourth World Chess Champion. So listen to my story, of how I started playing chess.