Lolli’s Mate

A picture of Lolli's book which includes Lolli's Mate

National Master Steve Colding discusses Lolli’s Mate and the Modena School of Chess

Blackburne’s Mate

Blackburne's Mate

National Master Steve Colding explores Blackburne’s Checkmates in an article and video for Chess for Children kids.

King and Queen Checkmate

King and Queen Checkmate by NM Tyrell Harriott

Checkmate with the King and Queen is demonstrated in this quick and entertaining video by NM Tyrell Harriott.

The King and Rook Checkmate

King and Rook Checkmate by NM Tyrell Harriott

National Master Tyrell Harriott shows us his technique for implementing Checkmate with the King and The Rook.

2 Queen Checkmate

2 Queen Checkmate

The 2 Queen Checkmate is the first video in the series – The 5 Checkmates you need to know. Mr C form Chess for Children shows you how to win simply.

Chess Notation – A History

Chess Notation- A History

In Chess notation – a History, NM Steve Colding looks at the history of chess notations and explains the system that most players use today.

Crushing the Scotch Game

Crushing The Scotch Game

National Master Steve Colding give a chess lesson on how to crush the Scotch Game. His article gives a little history and his video shows one of his games.

Steve Colding- National Master

Steve Colding

Meet Master Steve Colding is an article an video about the founder of Chess for Children. Mr. C, to his students, tells a little about what makes him tick.

The Morra Gambit Lives On

The Morra Gambit Lives!!

The Morra Gambit lives on is Mr C’s response to an article of his friend, Andre Harding’s article on the Morra Gambit from his site Chess Essentials.

Castling in Chess


This article is about castling. Its history, when and if you should do it and when and if you should attack a castled position.

Alekhine, Alexander


I was a Russian chess grandmaster and the fourth World Chess Champion. So listen to my story, of how I started playing chess.