The 4 Knights Opening: Chess Snacks, Blunders, and Traps

Quick wins in the 4 Knight Opening

Hello Chess for Children Kids. It is , Mr C and today’s subject is how to win quickly in the 4 Knights Opening .

So we will look at the quick games, the blunders and even a few traps. These games will not be models of perfect attack or defense but study them well and you might just trap and unsuspecting opponent.

Some chess-players say that the 4 Knights Opening which is one of the oldest chess openings has few opportunities for a quick win. Au Contraire , Mon ami the 4 Knights is not as one sided as that!

If you would like to know more about the Four Knights Game you can visit this website here.

If you want to learn about the copycat variation of the Four Knights we have a couple of great videos that you can see here and here .

The Games

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There will be more games coming in future days.