Trash Talking in Chess

Trash Talking in Chess

Trash Talking in Chess is not new but who started it? Maybe it could be the subject of this video Legal De Kumuer

Chess Prodigy?

Chess Prodigy

10 signs your child might be a chess prodigy – Mr C gives a list of 10 things to look out for to determine if your child is a chess prodigy. Funny.

My Biggest Chess Blunder

My Biggest Chess Blunder

This is about the biggest mistake that I made in chess and how a little boy taught me a big lesson.

Chess Trek

Chess Trek Chess for Children Chess Trek

Chess Trek – Follow the Star Ship En-Prise and its crew as they play intergalactic chess with the deadly Staylians

Krushing the Krazy Kat Opening

The Krazy Kat Opening

Krushing the Krazy Kat Chess Opening Chess video is based on a true story that happened to NM Steve Colding (Mr. C) while at a bakery shop.